Tips: How To Polish Shoes To Make Them Shine

There is a big difference between wearing clean shoes and well- best shined shoes. The boots are one of the great men supplements, and some are overly perfectionist maniacs and brightness while tending their parts as if they were real works of museum. These, also, are so special that they do not leave their coveted pair of shoes in the hands of anyone, no matter how good a scorer. We understand it, and a good shoe says a lot about you, who you are, and how and what you want them to think of you.

It was always an art, and the first shoe salon in Japan; a club-like space where you can see how your shoes are polished with different techniques. If something like this happens in the world, you cannot turn your back on trends. That is why we have embarked on the task of summarizing in a single installment what you should do and how to master the art of polishing your shoes so that each step is a success.

The soldier version

You don’t need to enter the ranks of the American Marines for you to learn to bowl your shoes, nor should you exaggerate. True, perhaps they are the most disciplined and methodical, so the ideal is for you to keep the good part.

Step 1: With a horsehair brush, remove the dust that rests on the skin of your shoe.

Step 2: Apply a good uniform amount of bitumen to the skin with a different brush. Let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Retrieve the horsehair brush and remove excess lustre while brushing vigorously.

Step 4: it’s time to pay more attention to the tips. To make them shine more, the trick is to moisten a cotton ball, impregnate it with bitumen and apply it to the ends with soft circles. Depending on the shine you want to achieve, you can repeat it more than once, but always using new cotton in each application.

Old school technique

In other times, men polished their shoes with unorthodox methods, and if not, ask the ancient military who polished their shoes with a technique as unkind as spitting and burning. Don’t worry, you don’t have to, and you can substitute that practice for small amounts of warm water.

We update and remember the version of the burned. Take note:

First Step: clean the dust from the shoes and apply the bitumen.

Second Step: place a burning candle on a stable surface, go around it – at a prudent distance – with your shoes to make the luster melt smoothly and thus be more comfortable to absorb through the skin.

Third Step: With a cloth, hand rubs the bitumen on the skin until the desired shine appears. Depending on the brightness you want to see, keep heating the luster so that it melts progressively.

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Your bowling kit

It is not a survival pack, but almost, therefore, attentive to what you need:

-Bitumen can (of the different colors that you have in your shoes ).

-Horse mane brush.

-Brush to apply the bitumen (smaller and rounded head).

-Cloth to polish (also try to differentiate it according to the colors of your shoes ).

-Cotton (to apply the bitumen gently).

-Time and patience are important.

-Care brushes: double-check!

It is useless to polish and polish shoes if you do not take care of the tools to get them to be perfect. Here are the tips:

-Use brushes according to the color of your shoes.

-Separates the shoes according to the type of skin, it is not the same for leather as for suede, for example. The exclusive ones for suede usually have a rubber face (to eliminate dust) and the other with bristles to eliminate the excess luster during cleaning.

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-Store them in a special box, so they are not mixed with

-When you finish using them, clean them with soap and water -neutral if possible to protect the hair- and thus eliminate the accumulated bitumen.  

After these tips, there is no longer an excuse to shine, or at least your shoes.



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