How to Make a Homemade Basketball Basket

To enjoy basketball at home or anywhere, it is essential to have a basket that you can buy or make at home. Do you want to know how to make a home basketball basket? Keep reading, and you will see that it is very easy to get it.

Regulatory measures of a basket

  • Pole 1.80 m high
  • Board 1.05 high and 3 cm thick
  • Height from the ground to the top frame of the board 2.90 m

Tools and materials needed.

  • Water-resistant board
  • Sane
  • Circular rim (you are worth the rim of a bicycle)
  • Tacos and lag screws
  • Net
  • Painting
  • Drill
  • Drill bit for wood and metal
  • Hammer
  • Brush

Steps to make a home basketball basket

  1. The first thing you have to do is prepare the board by cutting it to the official measurements or those that best fit the available space and your needs.
  2. Sand the board well and apply a sealer base. When you’re done, paint it white or whatever color you prefer.
  3. Once the white paint dries, mark the outside lines and put bodybuilder tape in the middle to do the interiors, so they don’t stain the part of the board where they don’t go.
  4. Take the ring and make eight holes in it, and then hang the net. If you do not have the network, you can start placing thick threads to form it.
  5. When you have the holes, you can paint the ring the color you want. It is usually orange, but it is a homemade basketball basket you can paint as you like.
  6. Take the threads or the net and introduce it through the holes of the ring so that it is well placed. If they are threads, go weaving them together, making a knot.
  7. Now you must fix the hoop to the board. You can do it with a plate or with some slats that serve as a support base, holding them with lag screws.
  8. Once this is done, attach the basket to the pole, and you can now enjoy your basketball basket.



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