How To Clean Suede Shoes In These Simple Tips

It is a soft fabric, very pleasant to the touch, and similar to velvet. Despite the years, suede shoes never go out of style. They are considered elegant shoes and suitable for all occasions. When new, they look spectacular, but suede is a delicate material that gets dirty and easily deteriorates.

Suede is one of the most used materials for the manufacture of shoes, wallets, and clothing in general. It is a material made with cowhide, although sometimes goatskin, sheep, or deerskin are also used.

This does not happen, and we can enjoy our suede shoes for a long time, it is necessary to have some special care. The chamois cannot be cleaned with anything, as there is a risk of damaging it. Next, we will see some recommendations for cleaning suede shoes.

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Tips for cleaning suede shoes

A protector before using them

suede shoes

The first thing to do to care for suede shoes is to spray them with a spray protector before wearing them for the first time. Many products of this type can be found in the market. This is a protector that will help us waterproof our shoes, so they don’t stain if they get wet in the rain.

The protector will also help to A special brush to clean suede shoes.

To clean suede shoes, it is essential to have a special brush. Generally, it can be bought at the same store where the shoes are purchased or at any specialized suede shoe store. It is a soft brush that does not damage the delicate fabric of the suede.

Each manufacturer has its own instructions, and these must be followed carefully. It is best to test by gently brushing the brush into a small area of ​​the shoe that is not very visible to ensure that it is appropriate to treat with that brush.

suede shoes

Maintain the original color of the material and will prevent stains and dirt from penetrating the fabric. For this product to be effective, it is essential to place it before it is first used when the shoes are new. Otherwise, instead of protecting the chamois, it could fix the dirt that is already present.

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The brush should be used on dry shoes. Thus, it will be easier to remove dust and any type of dirt that has been installed on the suede. If the shoes are not very dirty, the original appearance will be recovered by brushing the entire surface carefully, always in the same direction.

If wear is more than dirt, it will be necessary to rub the brush a little more intensively. For the result to be good, the brush must be clean, especially if it is light suede. That is why, after cleaning suede shoes, you should always carefully wash the brush.

Tricks to clean stains from suede shoes

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To clean stains from suede shoes, the first thing to do is to dry it immediately with the absorbent paper if the stain is fresh. In this way, the stain will be prevented from spreading further on the surface of the shoe.

When the stain is dry, the best way to clean it is to use a white eraser. It should be gently rubbed until the stain disappears. Once the stain has disappeared, a dry towel can be used to restore a homogeneous hairstyle. It is also important to perform this step gently.

If the stain does not disappear despite all these cleaning tricks, we can resort to vinegar, a great ally of cleaning at homeTo do this, we must use a clean cloth moistened in vinegar and gently press the shoe’s dirty surface. It should not be rubbed, just press with gentle movements.

Sodium bicarbonate can also be beneficial for cleaning stains in suede shoes. Just spread a little baking soda on the dry spot and leave it for about two hours. After that time, the product is removed by brushing the shoe gently with a special suede brush.



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