Best Women’s Basketball Shoes 2023

For ages, basketball has become a man’s sport although women’s basketball has become popular. Women’s basketball which started as college sports in the 1890s with aim of improving the fitness and health goals of women has become an international game. The first women’s basketball was played between the University of California Berkley and Stanford University in 1896.

Like every sport, a pair of perfect and comfortable basketball is a must regardless of gender. When deciding the right basketball shoes for your need, what enters your mind first? The role of the shoes in injury prevention and their performance while on the court should be the very first consideration while picking any shoes.

A perfect pair of basketball shoes has all the qualities such as avoiding injuries, providing ankle support, shock absorbency, and amazing cushioning for a good bounce. You also need to consider the sole of the shoes which promises non-skid slip resistance with amazing traction. Some of the other things that you can consider while picking women’s basketball shoes can be cooling and antimicrobial properties to ensure your foot health.

So, till now we are well informed about the importance of appropriate shoes, we need to consider some of the shoes for women who are into basketball. We have listed below some of the best women’s basketball shoes 2021 depending on several preferences and properties that are a must for any athlete.

Top 10 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes 2023

1. Nike Women’s Court Royale Ac Se Low Top Sneaker

This stunning pair of best women’s basketball shoes set up with retro style. The rubber sole of the shoes contributes to greater traction on the court while the shaft of the shoe measures low-top from the arch. The material of the shoes has been designed with a leather upper body that creates a classic look as well as its durability. The autoclave construction of the shoes also fuses the outsole as well as midsole. The traditional lacing of the shoes is perfect for a locked-down fit. You also get the swoosh design trademark which has a contrasting ton extending from the heel to midfoot. The solid rubber sole of the shoes with a herringbone pattern helps in long-lasting traction.

  • Amazing cushioning with padded collar.
  • Rubber outsole for traction and support.
  • Comfortable
  • Support might not be comfortable sometimes.

2. Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Parker Shoe

These Adidas basketball shoes have been one of the best women’s basketball shoes which are brand’s team model somewhat similar to the Hyperdunk line from Nike. The traction pattern of the shoes offers amazing support on clean courts as well as dusty courts indoor or outdoor. The bounce cushioning of the shoes gives a perfect balance for impact protection as well as responsiveness. The upper material used in designing the shoes might feel cheap as it is sturdy however, it provided excellent support and containment.

  • The bounce cushioning of the shoes provides an amazing balance.
  • Amazing traction on clean as well as the dusty court.
  • The material of the shoes might feel cheap in hand.

3. Under Armour Women’s UA W HOVR Infinite Running Shoe

This model of Under Armour HOVR shoes is the best women’s basketball shoes which have a large outsole to take hammering of the marathon training schedule. The rectangular pods underfoot of the shoes provide great support along with deep grooves that allow flexibility. The shoes in the toebox feel narrower due to which those with flat and wide feet can get half a size up. The lace-up system of the shoes provides great closure which locks your feet and provides support and balance.

  • Rebounding cushion layer.
  • Can be connected to the app.
  • Offline measurement of distance.
  • Size might run smaller.
  • Connectivity to other apps.

4. Nike Women’s Court Vision Mid Basketball Shoes

These Nike basketball shoes are worth purchasing as they are the best women’s basketball shoes from the brand. The shoes provide comfort to the feel and the fashionable design also looks similar to Nike Air Force Ones. The versatile style of the shoes can also be worn casually. The responsive cushioning of the shoes also helps to soften har landing while on the other hand, the molded heel clip in the shoes with a dual strap system is great to give a locked-in feel. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable even worn after several times.

  • Comfortable for extended hours on court.
  • Versatile style.
  • Responsive and bouncy cushioning.
  • The kick fits a bit narrow.
  • The upper leather body of the shoes is stiff.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe

These best women’s basketball shoes from ASICS have a rugged design and well stable for their performance on several surfaces. The removable sock line of the shoes helps those foot with issues of medical orthotics into the shoes. You will be delighted to know that the rubber sole of the shoes is designed from high abrasion rubber for durability. You get enough protection to the foot of the toe box and the shoes help against several foot injuries as well. The support and cushioning provided by the shoes keep your feet energetic and are also easy to put on and take off.

  • Great cushioning.
  • Works well on dusty as well as clean surfaces.
  • High abrasion rubber for durability.
  • Aggressive lugs on the outsole.
  • Can be slippery on a flat surface.
  • Not flexible.

6. Jordan Nike Women’s 1 Retro Hi Premium Basketball Shoe

These comfortable and Nike’s women’s basketball shoes have a lot of colorways to choose from. The shoe’s fit is true to size. You get excellent ankle support and protection from the shoes due to their sculpted and high-cut heel. The traction pattern of the shoes makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor courts use. The soft outsole of the shoes keeps the foot at ease and comfortable. The notch on the toe box of the shoes which is located above the knuckles of the toe provided amazing flexibility on the shoes.

  • Great ankle support and comfort.
  • Traction pattern that supports indoor and outdoor games.
  • Low-quality shoe material.
  • Minimal ventilation.
  • Minimal impact protection.

7. Wiltena Unisex Lifestyle Women’s Anti Slip Basketball Shoes

These are some of the best basketball shoes as the fashion and classic appearance speak for its brand. The wrap in the design of the shoes is adaptive to its support, responsiveness, and breathability. The responsive cushioning provides maximum bounce while it is also wear-resistant and had durable stability. The high-quality synthetic leather material on the upper part of the body is for venting hole designs offering great airflow. The EVA midsole of the shoes also provides sufficient cushioning. The rubber outsole of the shoes has an elastic concave-convex texture design. You will get a stable grasp on the ground as it is not bulky.

  • Supportive traction.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Light Weight
  • Size may vary.
  • The material might seem cheap in hand.

8. Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe

These Under Armour running shoes are the best women’s basketball shoes. The upper synthetic textile material of the shoes boasts reliability and breathability. These Under Armour shoes have a good balance of support and comfort due to their ankle collar cushioning. The mesh panel at the midfoot of the shoes provides maximum ventilation to the feet which avoids overheating. The EV sock liner that cushions the feet helps to enhance the comfort level and flexibility.

  • Great cushioning for balance and comfort.
  • Ankle collar cushioning for ankle support.
  • Lightweight and true to size.
  • Minimal grip.

9. Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

These Nike basketball shoes do not need much break-in time as the traction of the shoes seems superb. The outsole of the shoes is durable and lasts outdoor as well. The lightweight and affordable price make it one of the best women’s basketball shoes of all time. The extra cushioning of the shoes feels nice and comfortable even for extended hours. The foam cushion feels responsive and provides superb bounce on the floor. True to size and step-in comfort makes it one of the best choices for women’s basketball shoes.

  • Comfortable for longer hours.
  • Lightweight and responsive cushioning.
  • Durable and supportive.
  • Size might vary.
  • Can be tight on top of the foot.

10. Nike in-season TR9 Women’s Running Shoe

Get a solid workout as well as gameplay with these Nike basketball shoes. The flat to the ground and sit in construction of the shoes helps in lateral and medial arch support. The memory foam sock lining in the shoes makes sure your feet stay comfortable all day long. The multidirectional molding of the shoes on the outsole helps in traction and the laces stray you with a snug fit. The lightweight of the shoes makes them comfortable and durable.

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Great traction.
  • Memory foam sock lining.
  • Might force the foot to roll inwards.
  • Squeaky on hard surfaces and wooden floors.


Q. What makes basketball shoes light in weight?

Ans: Bulky shoes might always be the greatest issue for all sports person which might prevent them from running and jumping. Make sure the upper body has a leather textile that is lighter and also boosts breathability to your foot.

Q. Why is cushioning important in shoes?

Ans: It is essential to have great cushioning for your comfort level. Consider whether shoes are incorporated with arch support and form adhering foam. The cushioning layer of the shoes provides sufficient support so that you do not feel strain and fatigue later on.

Q. What is the role of padding in basketball shoes?

Ans: Shock absorption is necessary to be considered in basketball shoes. Consider shoes that are lined with moisture-wicking padding that helps in the absorption of shocks and makes your feet feel comfortable all time.

Q. Should basketball shoes be loose or tight?

Ans: Basketball shoes must be loose in the toe area and the heel needs to be a bit snug. You should also consider the comfort, stability, and safety of your foot. Tight shoes can lead to several injuries while loose shoes can cause your ankle to roll.

Q. What is the difference between women’s and men’s basketball shoes?

Ans: Women can get their men’s shoe size by deducting 1.5 from their size. For example, if you are wearing women’s basketball shoes number 6, you would purchase men’s size that would be 4.5.

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