Best Street Basketball Shoes

People who tend to play basketball outdoor need to have the perfect fit shoes to ensure support and protection from the terrain below the foot. We all know that outdoor basketball can be full of fun and is played on a hard rough surface, for which you need to have a perfect grip and prevent yourself from getting injured. Basketball shoes have been one of the essential components for every basketball player which not only represents pragmatism and style but also allows players to perform outstandingly.

Several brands specializing in sports sneakers have taken a new turn and life of their kind off the court as well. You need to recognize few things for a street basketball shoe that can perfectly go for your performance. Consideration of hard and durable rubber sole along with wide traction grooves should not be avoided. Make sure that you pick your hands-on pair of shoes which has the upper material that is not that tough to make you feel uncomfortable.

Pin the fact that several brands release very less street basketball shoes and some of the customized sneakers with durable rubber shoes are expensive to go for. The universal fact is that you will have to go for several shoe reviews hoping that the purchaser has mentioned honest feedback. Instead of wasting time reading million of reviews on e-commerce, we are here to help you to save your time and money. We have mentioned some of the best street basketball shoes that are recommended for outdoor players along with consideration of budget and comfort.

10 Best Street Basketball Shoes List

1. Nike Lebron Soldier 13

You will be amazed to know that the outsole performance of Nike Lebron Soldier 13 is considered one of the best outdoor basketball shoes that have an outstanding outsole performance along with its looks. The impact protection of the shoes is one of the plus points of the shoes for those who prefer playing outdoor. Despite the thickness of the midsole, the transition is fluid and smooth. The material of the shoes comes with a basic ripstop style and comes in a perfect fit.


  • The shoes have amazing traction.
  • The support and comfort of the shoes are outstanding.
  • Durable for outdoor players.


  • Cushioning of the shoes is not that supportive and comfortable.
  • Shoes are not much breathable.

2. Adidas Mad Bounce

If you are looking for a good outdoor basketball shoe, this model of ADIDAS is considered an all-rounder performer which gives you super comfort at a reasonable price. The full-length bounce foam of the shoes comes with fused mesh in the upper part. The traction that the pair of shoes gives you is durable along with great support. You will not feel restricted while moving.


  • The cushioning technology of the shoes is perfect and is equipped with Bounce cushioning.
  • The look and design of the shoes are pretty good.
  • The support and comfort provided by the shoes are outstanding.


  • The lace hole falls apart easily.

3. PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes

The Peak High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes are considered one of the best basketball shoes that are breathable and lightweight. The material of the shoes keeps the feet cool during the game. The high-quality integrated weaving material of the shoes is combined with the hot-melt process to reduce the discomfort and provide perfect support. The stabilizing module of the shoes rolls up to the forefront providing lateral movement support as well.


  • Wear resistance with high protection to satisfy any basketball enthusiast.
  • The anti-slip feature of the basketball shoes provides a strong grip on the floor.
  • Thick and solid outsole along with deep traction to be worn outdoor.


  • Does not absorb impact well.
  • The outsole rubber of the shoes attracts dust for which wiping frequently is necessary.

4. Nike Men’s Lebron XVI Low Basketball Sneaker

The shoe has become a staple and must-have in sneaker history for an outdoor basketball player. The zoom air cushioning system of the shoes along with Achilles support makes it one of its kind to be the best supportive basketball shoes for outdoor players. The modified herringbone traction pattern of the shoes along with the rubber outsole provides enough comfort to play outdoor. The shoes are also considered to be responsive and rebound absorbent.


  • Cushioning of the shoes provides enough comfort.
  • Great traction along with stability.


  • Might feel stiff for few days when it is new.
  • Some heel slip to start.

5. Nike KD Trey 5 VII Basketball Shoes

The shoes from the brand have a great quality with durability along with a rubber sole to keep players at ease and comfortable. The toe box of the shoes also provides longevity ensuring shoes to be in good condition even after many years. The traction and stability provided by the shoes are considered best for outdoor courts. The shoes are considered one of the popular basketball shoes as they tend to protect the player’s feet from hard and rough surfaces underfoot.


  • Extremely responsive when it comes to providing bounce cushioning.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • High flexibility along with responsive foam footbed.


  • Tough and hard to put on.
  • The upper material of the shoes is stiff.

6. Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

These pair of outdoor shoes are considered one of the affordable basketball shoes as they are extremely breathable and light-weight which can be worn all day long. The synthetic upper material of the feel helps to keep the foot dry and cool. The outdoor shoes also feature cushioned midsole allowing flexible movement. The collar of the shoes also offers ankle support to keep your feet in the right position.


  • Cushioned midsole for your comfort.
  • Supports natural balance.
  • Amazing traction.


  • Picks a lot of dust and needs to be cleaned frequently.

7. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

If you are considering the best outdoor basketball shoes, then these pair of shoes can be your best pick. Made from the lightweight material, the shoes provide higher flexibility and breathability to your feet. The molded textile material of the upper part of the shoes also enhances comfort ensuring the correct foot position. You get a wide range of color options to select as they are considered one of the best-designed shoes for outdoor basketball players. It includes an innovative foam insole that improves your skill on the basketball court and also keeps you stable throughout your game.


  • Breathable shoes and is lightweight.
  • The airflow is very nice and also has underfoot cushioning.
  • You get a comfortable fit.


  • The traction of the shoes is inconsistent.

8. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for durable and affordable basketball shoes, then these can be the best pick as a player. These stunning outdoor basketball shoes come with a rubber sole to provide you support and great traction as well. The grip provided by the shoes is amazing which ensures you can have free movement at any speed. The breathable sock line featured in the shoe also provides underfoot support to keep your feet cool and dry during your game. You get a responsive fit from the shoes as the upper body of the shoes is made from synthetic leather. Make yourself at ease while wearing the shoes as they have lace-up closure that can be adjusted according to your comfort.


  • The shoes have a durable outsole.
  • Breathable upper body with high cushioning.


  • The material of the shoes is a bit stiff.
  • Lacks impact protection.

9. Adidas Pro Boost Low

For anyone willing to get the best outdoor basketball shoes, then go for the Adidas Pro Boost, as the herringbone traction of the shoes is good. The cushioning of the shoes is firmer and is super supportive for outdoor players. If you are looking for shoes that deals for an affordable price, then these shoes can be one of the best collection. The toe box of the shoes is covered with Adidas felt material and overlayed with synthetic leather. The elastic band under the tongue runs over the top to the foot.


  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Provides extreme support to the feet.
  • Great traction.


  • Less comfortable in comparison to other models of Boost shoes.

10. Adidas DON Issue 1

For those who want amazing cushioned shoes for playing outdoor basketball, these pair of shoes can be best. The shoes have Bounce cushioning and offer comfort and impact protection at a decent level. The material of the shoes feels premium. The shoes also provide stability and comfort to the feet.


  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Premium cushioning for comfort.
  • Affordable Price.


  • Little bulky and heavy.
  • Traction is not consistent.



Q.How can I check the durability of street basketball shoes?

Ans: To determine the durability of the basketball shoes, you will have to consider the material that has been used for the top and sole of the shoes. Rubber is considered great for the sole.

Q.Which brands are best that provide comfortable shoes?

Ans: You can go for Air Jordan, Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour as they provided interior cushioning to ensure that they keep players comfortable while performing on the court.

Q.Why is traction necessary in a basketball shoe?

Ans: The best outdoor basketball shoes need to have great traction on the sole because they provide you stability while moving. Traction also helps in providing a good grip on the ground so that you do not get injured.

Q.Is cushioning necessary?

Ans: Yes, cushioning is one of the crucial parts when it comes to picking the best outdoor basketball shoes. If you have knee issues, it is recommended to look for shoes that have comfortable cushioning to reduce your joint stress.

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