Best Insoles For Basketball

There is no doubt the fact that amazing pair of basketball shoes make all the difference when playing. But what about insoles? Insoles also play an essential role in every basketball player’s game as they are tailored to keep your feet with abnormal foot shape stable. The insoles used in shoes can prevent a player from injuries, providing support, fatigue relief, and cushioning for higher support. Customized insoles can solve the issues of players if they are facing the inadaptability of getting new pair of basketball shoes.

Combining one’s basketball shoes insoles and shoes can have huge benefits which you never knew! They can improve your performance and make your feet feel relaxed. Insoles are made up of an accommodative material such as dense plastazote or EVA which can keep your foot at ease. No matter whether you play at a competitive level or just for fun, you can never underestimate the benefits of having comfortable pair of insoles for your shoes. There can be several designs and styles of insoles depending upon your purposes such as daily activities, sports, or hiking. The adjustments made to an insole can affect the action of the foot while the volume of insoles can entail several needs. The insole needs to allow padding for basketball shoes that is comfortable and does not slide here and there. We have listed some of the recommendations for you on a selection of some of the best insoles for basketball below.

10 Best Insoles For Basketball

1. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Support Orthotics Inserts

If you are looking for the best insoles for basketball, then these plantar fasciitis insoles from the brand can be your best pick of the year. We bet the plantar fasciitis sufferers would love to try these stunning orthotic inserts as they have an amazing heel cup that is specially made to cradle the foot and improve the positioning of the foot. The cushion of the inserts helps in landing while jumping and are highly responsive to your movement. The arch support provided by the insole also provides an extended foot and leg alignment which tends in reducing the feet’ pain. The cooling effect provided by the fabric of insoles helps to keep your feet feel comfortable and cooler.


  • Relieves your pain quickly.
  • Can be washed with hands and controls the odor.
  • Durable


  • You will have to place the insoles after removing the sole of the shoes.


2. Super Feet Premium Insoles

The Superfeet Green insoles have high shock absorption along with great support with its high volume feature. The design looks a bit bulky however the insoles are designed in such a way that the wearer gets immense support. The deep cups of the insoles make it perfect to add stability to the rearfoot. The biomechanical shape of the insole makes the feet run fast and jump efficiently. Not only does it provide support and stability, but it also works great in the reduction of stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. The high-density foam layer makes the long-lasting comfort of the feet while the closed-cell foam of insoles makes it outstanding for the court.


  • Reasonable price and high profile.
  • Supportive and high level of comfort.
  • Has stabilizer cup.


  • Can be squeaky while walking and running.
  • Helps only for moderate pain in the feet.

3. Superfeet Carbon, Thin and Strong Insoles for Pain Relief in Performance Athletic & Tight Casual Shoes

For those who are looking for the best insoles for plantar fasciitis then these pair can be the perfect pick for you. The material of the insole is made of wrap knit polyester and is considered one of the best materials for sports shoe insoles. The lightweight foam of the insole cushions your feet very well to provide comfort throughout the day or longer hours. The insoles come with a carbon fiber stabilizer cap that supports your stability while the heel cap of the insole supports stabilizing your movement. Get excited for these insoles as they have a perforated foam surface which makes sure the ventilation of feet.


  • Odor-control coating to prevent odor-causing bacteria.
  • Lightweight density foam.
  • Breathable and durable.
  • Support and stability through heel cap.


  • The superior structure of the insole makes it expensive in comparison to other insoles.


4. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s Athlete Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

These insoles are considered one of the best insoles for basketball which makes an ideal accessory for cross-training, basketball, running, or casual use. The lightweight cushioning of the insole comes with Hydrologix moisture-wicking ability to keep your feet dry even in hot weather. The foam material of the insole with gel bottom fits with the shoes perfectly. It can be perfect for any foot type as it has neutral arch support and provides maximum support and comfort to your shoes while on the court.


  • Light-weight cushioning for comfort.
  • Durable material with several sizes.
  • Hydrologix moisture wicking.
  • Best for intense exercises.


  • May provide smelly odor.
  • Thickness might cause a bit of effort to fit in shoes.


5. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

These pair of shoe insoles are high-quality insoles designed for both men and women. The arch support of the insoles helps to promote athletic skills and the shock-absorbing ability keeps feet safe from athletic injuries. The thick layer of Spenco material is made of Nylon which absorbs shock and provides a maximum level of comfort throughout your game. The antimicrobial property of the fiber helps in preventing any kind of odor from the feet.


  • Lightweight polysorb polyurethane material.
  • Shock absorbed by Spenco material.
  • Optimal support and comfort to feet.


  • The heavy material used in the insole makes it a bit expensive.

6. Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

These Shock doctor court insoles are considered ideal basketball insole for those who are looking for a high level of comfort, flexibility, and stability. The arch of the insole is cushioned which can easily absorb high impact movement. They are lightweight and have great traction while making cuts on a basketball court. The adaptive arch technology tends to adapt any foot shape for fit and customization. Last but not the least, the heel shock pads of these insoles absorb extreme jarring impacts as well.


  • Shock absorption while playing to avoid injuries or suffering.
  • Adapts to any foot size.
  • Attractive color and design.


  • The expensive price of the insole in comparison to others.
  • Size may vary.

7. Scholl’s Tri-Comfort Orthotics Inserts

Considered as one of the most trustable brands, the insoles have proven to be the best insoles for basketball players. The design also helps to prevent pain from plantar fasciitis. These plantar fasciitis insoles have zone protection which avoids the effect of shock and also has SweatMax technology. This technology helps in the reduction of any kind of odor caused by odor-causing bacteria. You can get several sizes for men while it is not available for women.


  • Comes with a guarantee and has Sweat Max technology to prevent odor.
  • Triple zone protection for feet.
  • Reduces shock and prevents any kind of pain.
  • Affordable


  • Not available for women.


8. Physix Gear Support Fill Length Orthotic Inserts

Among various basketball insoles, these insoles are considered one of the best basketball insoles for players. These orthotic insoles have a higher level of arch support and are designed especially for Achilles tendinitis, runner’s knee, and flat feet. The medical-grade EVA foam of the insole makes it durable and also provides high performance. The thin design of the insole makes your feet comfortable and is lightweight as well. The shock absorption property of these inserts makes them ideal in reducing any muscle pain in the foot or leg.


  • A higher level of comfort and durability.
  • Premium quality is used for its design.
  • Available in five sizes.


  • Not recommended for wider feet.
  • Low profile design.

9. Spenco GRF Basketball Maximum Performance Insoles

The Spenco GRF Basketball insoles have an impressive supportive arch as it revolves around the feature of Ground Reaction force. The total support technology makes the inserts easy for modulating in multi directions and also reduces ankle sprain chances. The forefoot launch plush crash pad of the insoles helps to deliver maximum cushioning while the metatarsal dome works with its deep heel cup design. It also provides higher stability and comfort to your feet.


  • Forefoot cushioning.
  • A higher level of comfort and support.
  • Reduces odor.


  • Might not sit high in shoes.

10. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain

For those who want a thicker cushioning insole, ProFoot can be one of the best picks. The ProFoot orthotic insole can be ideal for both men and women as it is clinically proven to protect plantar fasciitis and pain relief. The American Podiatric Medical Association approved insoles can enhance your performance as they provide a maximum level of comfort for extended hours.


  • Affordable and reasonable price.
  • Best for therapeutic purposes as well.
  • One size fits for any shoe size.
  • Prevents effect of Plantar Fasciitis.


  • It may not reduce much pain in some cases.
  • It may not be extremely comfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.What is the benefit of thicker insoles?

Ans: The benefit of the thicker insole is that they feel comfortable due to cushioning however they might also feel tight. A thick insole does not compromise over its protection level.

Q.Why is it necessary to have arch support?

Ans: The arch support is essential to be considered for those who face fasciitis plantar or flat feet. These feet issues need arch support for basketball players.

Q.Why is cushioning essential for insoles?

Ans: While purchasing insoles, the cushioning needs to be considered as you might be tired while playing on the court. You need to jump and run immediately which might hurt your feet. Great cushioning avoids any feet fatigue or serious foot injuries.

Q.Is odor protection necessary in insoles?

Ans: Look for insoles that have moisture-wicking material to avoid odor-producing bacteria. The moisture-wicking material also helps to moisturize insole and odor-free.

Q.Why is shock absorption necessary?

Ans: As a basketball player, your sudden movement can make your whole weight feel in your heel or forefoot. To protect yourself, you need to get such insoles that have shock-absorbing properties.

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