Best Budget Basketball Shoes

You might be tired of wearing the same pair of basketball for a long which has lost its traction and also no more called stylish to be in your wardrobe collection. Or the cushioning might have bottomed out. We believe, this happens to everyone, every athlete is not blessed to go for a super high and premium expensive pair of basketball shoes. While on the other hand, getting a very affordable pair of basketball shoes, that too in an affordable range might be an extremely daunting task.

As there are numerous models out there in the market, you might get the perfect match but the best bargain can be hectic to be dealt with. There can be nothing than having a better feeling while on the court with amazing and comfortable sneakers that does not only boosts your confidence but also your performance.

Just because you want an amazing pair of basketball shoes that has all the qualities required for the game, does not mean that you have to make a hole in your pocket. You can get an amazing pair of basketball shoes of premium quality and performance even at a reasonable price. To remove all your stress of finding amazing shoes, we have listed some of the best budget basketball shoes for you. we bet these will be your next pick for your game.

10 Best Budget Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Men’s Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

If you want excellent and best budget basketball shoes that these shoes can be your pick. These shoes are built for all-around players who are looking for comfort, flexibility, and great performance. The shoes look phenomenal due to their stunning design. The shoes have a shaft that measures the mid-top from the arch while the visible air-sole heel unit of the shoes is built to provide lightweight impact cushioning. You will be delighted to see the Flywire cables that provide lockdown as well as stability to your feet. The expansion of comfort around the heel is felt due to the premium quality textile material. We can not ignore the fact that it has amazing traction as the rubber outsole has been modified herringbone pattern.


  • Great traction and comfort.
  • The premium quality textile used.
  • Impact lightweight cushioning.


  • Little firm sole.
  • Fit can be tight at first use.

2) Adidas Unisex-Adult D.o.n. Issue 2 Indoor Court Shoe


These best budget basketball shoes 2020 are worth trying. The cushion setup of the shoes provides bounciness and highly responsive with impact protection. The materials used for designing the shoes are durable and thick. You get excellent support from the shoes as they make you feel nicely locked. For those specialists who are looking for the best budget basketball shoes, these are affordable and have all the qualities that a basketball player wants.


  • Solid cushioning for your comfort.
  • Supportive and locks down the feet nicely.


  • The traction can be inconsistent.
  • Heavy and bulky.


3) Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

These Adidas basketball shoes are considered one of the best budget basketball shoes and cheap basketball shoes online which retails only for 80$. The herringbone traction pattern of the shoes makes it easier for players to play on a clean court. The bounce cushioning of the shoes is caged which is firm. It has a responsive ride with somewhat minimal impact protection. According to the price, the material used in the shoes is decent. It is one of the solid performers from the brand specially made for basketball players.


  • Provides excellent support and stability to feet.
  • Affordable and premium according to price.


  • Picks lots of dust.
  • Minimal cushioning.


4)Nike Kyrie Flytrap III

Looking for cheap basketball shoes? This pair of Nike basketball shoes are wonderful! So, the traction gets better after the break-in period while its grip in comparison to Flytrap 2 is not that excellent. You get a supportive and stable feel to your fit due to its tight fit and low-to-the-ground cushioning. The lateral containment of the shoes is also good while the cushioning of the shoes is highly responsive. The Zoom air unit of the shoes provides reactive cushioning which makes your excellent presentation at the court. The synthetic leather-mesh of the shoes provided breathability in its design and fit perfectly to your ankle.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable, stable, and breathable.


  • Not good cushioning.


5) Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

These pair of best budget basketball shoes from Under Armour are excellent for those who want something that performs well at a reasonable rate. The shoes provide excellent and solid traction, especially on clean courts. The cushioning of the shoes provides a better feel and gives balance and smoother heel-to-toe traction. The adjustable collar works nicely to make it a perfect fit for locking your foot. The stylish and cool colors make it best to flaunt your fashionable and sporty stylish statement. The adjustable heel provides great lockdown especially for those who wear ankle braces.


  • Ankle support is adjustable.
  • Great traction.
  • Support and stability to the foot.


  • Material seems cheaper in hand.
  • Traction is minimal.
  • Firm cushioning.

6)Puma Clyde Hardwood

These best outdoor basketball shoes all time are worth purchasing especially for basketball players. The traction patterns at the midfoot and heel of the Puma Clyde Hardwood with herringbone are placed in the forefoot for comfort. The rubber compound of the shoes makes great traction. The ProFoam of the shoes offers a responsive ride to the low ground while the low profile setup provides cushion under the foot. The shoe build offers a premium feeling and provides lightweight as well. The solid lockdown of the shoes offers great support and stability to the foot. The wraps hug any foot shape perfectly. The torsional support from the shoes is covered with a TPU midsole cage.


  • Excellent traction and support.
  • High-quality knit and leather material of the shoes.


  • Slightly bulky and heavy.
  • The foam cushioning of the shoes is basic.


7)Nike KD 12

These Nike shoes come with a heel Hex Zoom Air unit that has been located at the heel’s impact while the zoom air sitting is found underfoot. The zoom unit provides high responsiveness and bounces to your feet. The performance of the flywire upper part is up to the mark. You get excellent impact protection with an overall cushion for your comfort. These shoes are true to size however are a bit snug at the forefoot. The support from torsion is solid while the midsole of the shoes is wrapped with a TPU cage.


  • More comfortable and stable in comparison to other KD models.
  • Zoom cushioning is excellent.


  • The material of the shoes is not much premium.

8) Nike Zoom Rize

These outdoor basketball shoes can be worn indoors as well and are one of the medium-priced Team models from the brand. The traction provided by the shoes works excellently on clean courts in comparison to the dusty areas. The Nike Zoom unit of the shoes in the forefoot is highly bouncy and provides comfort to your foot. The lockdown of the shoes is great while the support of the heel and the midfoot works very well. The engineered mesh and synthetic material of the shoes make it best according to the price. The shoes are true to size and do not snug from the initial phase. A little bit of break-in can make it a cozy fit for every player.


  • True to size and well-fitted.
  • Super bouncy zoom cushioning for comfort.


  • Lateral support issues in the forefoot.


9)Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

These Under Armour basketball shoes are considered one of the best budget basketball shoes for every foot shape. The thick pattern of the shoes requires a bit of break-in time which makes the grip of the shoes solid. The herringbone section of the shoes keeps the foot covered with a linear standpoint. The HOVR cushioning in the shoes is highly responsive and provides impact protection. The material used in designing the shoes feels premium and comfortable. The lockdown feature of the shoes makes it one of the great shoes for basketball players.


  • Amazing support and stability to the foot.
  • Premium material used.
  • Comfortable for extended hour use.


  • The traction of the shoes is inconsistent.

10) Nike Lebron Witness 5

These Nike extra wide basketball shoes work well if you are looking for the best budget basketball shoes. The traction of the shoes works well on courts however picks dust easily. The cushioning of the shoes is subtle as it has full-length Phylon and forefoot Zoom pods as well. The material used in designing the shoes feels premium. The shoes provide excellent stability and lockdown along with consistent ankle support.


  • Great stability and ankle support.
  • Comfortable and premium material used.


  • The durability of the outsole is not up to the mark.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.What things should be considered while purchasing basketball shoes at a reasonable price?

Ans: If you are planning to purchase shoes that provide the best value, you need to consider their price as well as performance. Not every budget shoe comes with all the qualities required for a basketball player. Look for shoes that provide durability, comfort, and support to your foot even on extended game hours.

Q.What is the role of the upper, mid, and low body of basketball shoes?

Ans: The upper body holds the ankle to provide extra stability and support. The mid-top body of shoes provides ankle support to the foot while the lower body is built for agility and speed.

Q.Why is the outsole of shoes important?

Ans: For anyone looking for excellent basketball shoes, they need to consider the material of the outsole. The shoe’s outsole needs to be made from rubber which is best for traction. You can look for a wide or flat outsole of shoes that provides you with maximum balance and support.

Q.Which shoes are best for basketball guards?

Ans: As well all know that basketball guards need quick movements on the court due to which low-top basketball shoes are considered best. Low tops provide excellent ankle support and fluid movement.

Q.Which basketball shoes are considered best for all-round players?

Ans: If you are an all-rounder basketball player, consider getting mid-top basketball shoes. Mid-tops provide excellent ankle support and space to move around. They are also great in flexibility.

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