Best Basketball Shoes Under 40 Dollars [$]

What is the use of spending thousands of bucks when you can get some best basketball shoes under 40 dollars? We know that the best basketball shoes come with several qualities however, that does not mean it to be expensive. The very first thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing any kind of sports shoes is their performance and your preference and purposes. A shoe that has good traction can be an expensive while, on the other hand, shoes with excellent traction can be reasonable as well. Why break the band when you have lots of options in the market to fulfill all your desires and your needs.

What to consider?

While purchasing any basketball shoes at an affordable price especially under 40$, makes sure to consider the material quality of the shoes. You can find less than optimal shoes at this price range. Another essential thing while choosing less expensive shoes is comfort. Check how much the shoes are comfortable instead of their look. Yes, look matters but you won’t get all in one at this range.

Keep in mind that all cheap basketball shoes do not come with premium quality construction but can definitely of some help for better performance on the court. We have listed some of the best basketball shoes under 40$ which can be your next pick if you are looking for some affordable and reasonable shoes.

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under 40 Dollars List

1. Nike Older Kid’s Tanjun Sneakers

These classic basketball shoes are some of the best basketball shoes under $40. The Nike Tanjun is true to its name with everyday kicks. The textile of the shoes on the upper part of the body has a lightweight and gives support to your foot. The soft foam underfoot of the shoes provides cushioning with greater effect. You will see the grooves in the sole which makes it flexible. The padded collar and tongue of the shoes and the thick synthetic outsole of the shoes make it comfortable for extended hours too.


  • Very durable and comfortable.
  • Great traction and support to your foot.
  • Soft foam underfoot.


  • Quality might look cheap in hand.
  • Size may vary.

2. Adidas Men’s Runthegame Sneaker

These are great basketball shoes especially for those who want something at a reasonable price. One of the best basketball shoes under $40, these shoes come with a synthetic sole that provides great stability and support to your foot. The shaft of the shoe measures low-top from the arch. The durability of the shoes seems excellent and the enhanced cushioning of the shoes seems great for the court surface. The lace closure encloses the foot at a place while the mesh and synthetic upper leather of the shoes make it durable and breathable. The durable adiwear outsole of the shoes has cushioned cloud foam midsole.


  • Durable mesh and synthetic leather.
  • Excellent Ortholite sock liner.
  • Breathable and lace closure.


  • Little bulky and heavy.
  • Minimal comfort for extended hours.

3. Adidas Performance Men’s 3 Series 2015 Basketball Shoe

These outdoor basketball shoes are considered one of the best basketball shoes under $40. The 100% synthetic material of the shoes makes them excellent in quality. The rubber sole of the shoes also makes them stable on the floor and provides great grip. The lace-up basketball sneaker also features a synthetic upper with perforations while adiPRENE is for dynamic cushioning in the forefoot. The EVA foam of the shoe is inserted for added comfort while the torsion plate at the base is for stability and flexibility.


  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Flexibility due to torsion plate.


  • Size might go smaller.
  • Lack of grip on the hardwood.

4. Puma Men’s Basketball Classic Gum Deluxe

These Puma men’s classic basketball shoes are considered one of the best basketball shoes under $40. This model of the shoes comes into the Deluxe version and is built on basket tooling for a clean and classic look. The upper body of the shoes has leather while formstripe and gum outsole adds classy contrast to the shoes. The shaft measures of the shoe have a low-top from the arch. The rubber insole of the shoes also gives amazing traction while on the court.


  • Rubber insole that has great traction.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Durable and stable.


  • Size might differ.

5. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers

These friendly basketball shoes are one of the best basketball shoes under $40 of all time. The rubber damping sole of the shoes in net shape gives you the grip of the ground following sole force and supports your weight. The lightweight upper textile and the heel shield that are molded make it look great while locking your foot in the right place. The anti-slip material of the shoes makes the product the best choice at this price. It also has venting holes at the upper body which gives excellent breathability.


  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Great traction and supports your body weight.
  • Heel shields that are molded.


  • Size might vary.
  • Not for a narrow foot.

6. And1 Men’s Rocket 4.0 Mid Basketball Sneakers Shoes Casual

These and1 men’s basketball shoes are considered one of the affordable basketball shoes and have become one of the favorite picks of all and are on-trend. The rubber sole of the shoes has a great ability of traction on the ground and also provides grip. The mesh tongue of the shoes has been designed in such a way that your foot gets enough breathability to keep it dry and fresh. The shoes also provide improved heel, ankle, and medical support due to their redesigned and reinforced upper body. The rocket over lasted construction of the shoes also keeps the feet lower to the ground.


  • Great traction and support.
  • Reinforced upper body for medical and heel support


  • Not for a wide foot.
  • Size might vary.

7. Puma Men’s 365 Concrete Lite Sneaker

One of the solid basketball shoes from the brand comes at an affordable price. The lightweight upper mesh body makes it comfortable to be worn for several hours. The shoes come with EVA foam along with non-marking rubber outsoles. The shaft of the shoe measures low-top from the arch. The new 365 concrete lite has been specially engineered for your freestyle skills.


  • Durable and comfortable.
  • EVA Foam and rubber sole.
  • Lightweight mesh upper body.


  • Not strong sole.
  • Size might vary.

8. Nike Men’s The Overplay VIII NBK

These quality basketball shoes are a must-have if your budget is low. The model from the brand features leather and synthetic material and nubuck upper for support and stylish statement. The phylon midsole of the shoes comes with a TPU shank that delivers great stability to help with several moves at the court. The shoes also have a solid rubber outsole along with a herringbone pattern for great traction and grip on the ground.


  • Herringbone traction pattern that guarantees grip on the court.
  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Keeps feet stable.


  • Size might vary.
  • Might be tight and stiff at first use.

9. Adidas Performance Men’s Court Fury Basketball Shoe

The model from the brand gives you a better basketball shoe deal at an affordable price. The synthetic sole of the shoes with the textile of the upper body provides great comfort all day long. The full-length ADIPRENE has been added to the shoes with an optimized rebounding feature from its cushioning.


  • Comfortable and great traction.
  • Gives support and stability.
  • Optimized cushioning.


  • Size might vary.

10. Joomra Men’s Stylish Sneakers High To Athletic-Inspired Shoes

These best lightweight basketball shoes are specially designed for those who want affordable shoes with great qualities. The premium synthetic leather of the upper part of the shoes makes them more comfortable and stylish. The high-top shoes also provide improved shoe wrapping performance to your feet. The blade rubber outsole comes with distinct visual appeal and is wear-resistant. The design of the shoes offers aesthetics with a handcrafted feel. The tongue of the shoes adds extra safety and gives you an energized feel as well.


  • Premium synthetic material used.
  • Comfortable and stylish.
  • Wear-resistant and supportive.


  • Size might vary.
  • Cant be worn for longer-hour games.


Q. How can we keep our basketball shoes in good condition?

Ans – To keep your basketball shoes in good condition you need to remove dirt using a soft brush. You can clean your sole and outside of the shoes as well. Clean the shoes from inside after removing the insole and clean it with water and detergent mixture.

Q. Is it ok to use basketball shoes casually?

Ans – Yes, whether it is high top or low top basketball shoes, you can decide to wear them with casual jeans, a dress, or anything that you wear. There is no harm in wearing them out of court in your everyday life. There are several models from Nike, Adidas, and Puma that look super cool and make a stylish style statement.

Q. What are the best basketball shoes under $50?

Ans – We believe that Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce basketball shoes are considered one of the best basketball shoes on the market under the budget. They come in several styles and colors in all sizes that you might want.

Q. What kind of basketball shoes do professional players wear?

Ans – Most professional basketball players wear low-top basketball shoe designs most of the time as they are lighter, and provide comfort and protection while moving faster. Many players also avoid low topped shoes in favor of high-top shoes. It depends upon the preference of players which kind of shoes they pick according to their comfort level.

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