Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Who says basketball shoes can be worn just for basketball? As the title sounds a bit tricky, do not get confused! The pair of basketball shoes can also be worn for other sports especially volleyball. Especially indoor volleyball and indoor basketball, both are played on the same floor. Both the game requires jumping, running, high intensity and energy. If both the game has so many similarities then why not the shoes!

For such reasons, we cannot deny the fact that basketball shoes can work well for volleyball as well.

You also need to consider the fact that the best pair of shoes is the best key to success for any sport.

So how do you know which basketball shoes will go well for your volleyball game? We have made your daunting task easier with the below-listed reviews and in-depth buyers guide to make your best purchase which you won’t regret. We believe that every player needs to be relaxed and comfortable level to play more efficiently and below listed shoes below can be your next purchase this year!

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

1. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes, US:7

These pair of Nike basketball shoes are legend which continues to live according to its name and the brand. The shoes combine modern as well as stunning classic design and details. The low design of the shoes offers an optimum classic look which helps in soil adhesion as well. The rippled leather edges of the shoes have a slimmer line and refined details that every sportsperson would love to grab. The upper body of the shoes which is made of leather has an external layer that is positioned strategically for lifetime durability and support. Also, the shoes are excellent when considering the breathability and ventilation to keep your foot dry and fresh all day long. Several fans of these pair have noted that after several uses, the shoes effortlessly work on basketball as well as a volleyball court.


  • Worn all day long with ease and comfort.
  • The durability of the shoes is quite impressive.
  • Stylish and iconic look.
  • Great traction and grip on the court floor.


  • Colorways might look different in person.
  • A bit heavy and bulky.

2. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe

One of the best casual basketball shoes also best for volleyball, Nike Men’s Lebron is relatively the addition to the signature line of LeBron. The herringbone traction pattern of the shoes is great and the design also features a map of Ohio to highlight the fact that the shoes will pay tribute to the roots of LeBron James’s home. The knotted upper part of the shoes has mesh overlays and the air sole unit of the shoes has been encapsulated with Phylon midsole. The wide base of the shoes helps in perfect support and provides grip on the court. The patent leather strip of the shoes has been added to the shoes to keep your foot on the footbed.


  • Great traction with grip on the floor.
  • Durability and responsive cushioning.


  • Size may vary.

3. BRONAX Men’s Stylish Graffiti Personality Sneakers

These basketball shoes are considered one of the best volleyball shoes which have a lovely personality with an exceptional style of graffiti fashion. The slip-on design of the shoelaces gives secure fit to your fit while the padding throughout the tongue and collar of the shoes are added for extended comfort level. You get a durable rubber outsole that provides extreme premium cushioning and also keeps your stable comfort fit so you play the game for long hours. The sneakers can be dressed up or down and are versatile too.


  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Stylish graffiti look.
  • Premium cushioning.


  • Half size up for customers with wide feet.
  • Only perfect for those with narrow feet.

4. Under Armour UA Curry 2 Low

If you want to consider the best basketball shoes for volleyball then these pairs of basketball shoes can be your next purchase. The traction of the shoes is great and holds a strong grip on the floor. The cushioning under the foot feels soft and comfortable. The speedform of the shoes is too flimsy to add any support. The portion of the shoes comes with thicker and stiffer material for its design. The upper part of the shoes has been improved for comfort and gives an unrivaled experience making shoes an extension of one’s feet.


  • Great traction and midfoot fit.
  • Stability with the soft comfortable upper body.


  • Lack of support on the heel.
  • The heel might be slippery.

5. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 3 James Harden/Legend Ink/Active Orange Knit Basketball Shoes

These Adidas basketball shoes are considered the best shoes for volleyball as well. The herringbone traction pattern of the shoes seems to perform extremely well even on dusty and rough courts. The shoes come with boost cushioning which is low to the ground. The cushioning of the shoes makes it best for comfort level and highly responsive to the ground. The material used for the construction of the shoes feels premium and of good quality while on the other hand, the player gets high support. The support of the shoes seems much improved in comparison to the other Harden models.


  • The boosted cushioning of the shoes provides good balancing.
  • Comes with excellent traction.


  • Needs a break-in to avoid slipping of the heel.

6. Nike Kobe Mentality: Perfect for Volleyball

These best basketball shoes 2020 are perfect for volleyball players as it has all the qualities required for playing on the volleyball court. The outsole of the shoes is somewhat similar to the original Mentality and performs better than other models. The shoes have a standard lunarlon drop-in midsole which is a great cushion source for players. Flyweave has been used in designing this version of the shoes. You get plenty of fuse in high wear areas and some stress areas as well. The fit of the shoes is somewhat similar to the original. The lockdown and support provided of the shoes have increased with the modified upper body. The heel of the shoes works well and holds the grip as well. The internal TPU material of the heel helps in keeping the foot on the footbed rather than rolling over it.


  • TPU heel counter which aids in great stability.
  • Higher traction and comfort level.
  • Lockdown and support on the upper body.


  • Minimal support only.

7. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

These best basketball shoes for flat feet are also considered the best basketball shoes for volleyball. These shoes are solid and stop quickly on smooth as the patter is spaced out and made of rubber material. The shoes have responsive Zoom Air cushioning which provides an extreme level of comfort and stability to the shoes. The shoes use Phylon and have better compression with rebound ability. The cushioning of the shoes is also highly comfortable. The mesh however is not stretchable and provides containment in the forefoot on lateral movement. The toebox which is fused is also provided extra durability in the area of toe drags.


  • Supportive and comfortable.
  • Fits like a glove.


  • The traction of the shoes does not hold up on the dusty area.
  • Forefoot containment due to lack stretchability.

8. Adidas Crazylight Boost 2.5 Lo Black/Scarlet Basketball Shoes

This stunning James Harden endorsed Adidas basketball shoes has a colorway that has its markings throughout the shoes. The boost cushioning in the heel also works pretty well and comfortably. The foam of the shoes has minimal responsiveness and bouncy. The great implementation of StableFrame of the shoes also enhances midfoot support. The prime knit of the shoes is great which provides breathability and stretchability to the shoes. There is no such issue with the traction as the grip works very well on the floor.


  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Lightweight and does not clog up dust very fast.


  • Not much traction.
  • Not much responsive and supportive.

9. Nike Men’s Alphadunk EP

The updated hyper dunks are the best basketball shoes for volleyball as well. The shoes are great in terms of ankle support. The Nike zoom unit of the shoes in the forefoot also provides extreme bounce and impact protection. The upper material used in designing the shoes is strong and supportive however it does not feel great while in person. For those who are looking for shoes that feel like a tank then these pair of shoes are best.


  • Great air zoom unit.
  • Supportive upper material and impact protection.


  • Bulky look.
  • Traction is not up to the mark.

10. Nike Jordan Cp3.XII Men’s Aq3744-900

So those volleyball geeks who want an amazing pair of best basketball shoes for volleyball, these pair of shoes are a must-have! The model of the shoes comes with great traction while the shoes come with an amazing forefoot zoom air as well. The lightweight phylon midsole is the best part of the shoes which makes them comfortable and stretchable. The low to the ground cushioning setup of the shoes also provide amazing impact protection and is highly responsive. The strap of the forefoot locks down your feet firmly and the lacing system makes it sure to have zero heel slippage.


  • Great stability and lockdown.
  • Traction is great on dusty courts.


  • Lack of ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is breathable material essential in sport’s shoes?

Ans: Breathable shoes help easier to focus on the game keeping your feet dry and fresh. It can be difficult for a player to cope with the moisture while playing games, especially while wearing socks. The breathable feature of shoes needs to have a mesh or textile upper body which helps in proper air circulation.

Q. What is the shock absorption property?

Ans – Several sports demand extra aggression as one has to make quick movements to make an impact on the game. The feet can be prone to get injury or crap if one does not wear the right footwear. The shock absorption properties in shoes help you to prevent such injuries or cramps and keep your feet comfortable.

Q. Why does the outsole play an essential role?

Ans – Great outsole of shoes play an essential role in providing strong traction on the ground. The traction patterns enable players to play with improved quick movements.

Q. Is there a difference between basketball and volleyball shoes?

Ans – There is no such huge difference between both the shoes. The primary difference might include the design perspective. The basketball shoes are made to advance however the volleyball shoes are made for making lateral movements.

Q. Is it fine to wear basketball shoes for volleyball games?

Ans – Yes! Basketball shoes provide you with great support and traction. They are breathable, comfortabl4e and has shock absorption property. These all properties are perfect for volleyball players too!

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