Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

As a basketball guard, your team and your coach keep lots of expectation from you to score in crunch time and even kick out your opponent. You cannot risk compromising on anything as one of the integral team members of your basketball team. For anyone who really relies on basketball as his/her career and serious about the same, the most essential element should be what they wear. The best investment that one can make for one career as a basketball player is into a pair of good quality basketball shoes. The myth about less role of shoes for a player has turned around and now more significance has been given to basketball shoes that matter.

It can be true that your shoes might be holding you back, no matter how much your ball handling skill is great. You might feel slow and not quick enough to defeat the opponent team. A basketball shoe needs to be selected that has a fabulous grip on the ground and helps you move conveniently. Basketball shoes are considered one of the biggest supporters for any basketball player and prevent them from getting injured easily.

You might be in a dilemma about the looks of basketball shoes. Let us make it clear for you! There are so many features that an individual needs to consider while picking their favorite pairs. Just look at some points listed below to make your daunting task easy!

1. While purchasing basketball shoes for guards, it is crucial to check the cushioning of the shoes which gives comfort to the player.

2. If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for small forwards, try to look for shoes that have great traction. Superb tractions tend to provide excellent grip to the ground, allowing your swift movement.

3. The best outdoor basketball shoes need to be of a mid-cut length, which helps to give flow to your movement instead of restricting them.

Finding a Perfect Shoes

Selection of the perfect basketball shoes for guards can be a hectic task, as there are tons of models from several brands. If you are curious to look forward to knowing which models are best, then get some time for yourself as we will be introducing you to some of our best-rated basketball shoes for guards this year.

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards List 

1. Jordan Air Jordan XXXIV Basketball Shoes

The eclipse plate made from molded thermoplastic polyurethane helps in providing stability and also helps in side-by-side movement of the player. The zoom air cushioning of the shoes also reduces the overall weight of the shoes and is also considered as one of the best basketball shoes for jumping. Specially designed for basketball players to enhance their comfort level, the pair is best for every basketball guard to stay energetic and secure. The herringbone outsole of the shoes also offers multidirectional traction, along with its lace construction. The legacy of the cultural icon of the shoes has been sculpted with aerodynamic precision.


  • Supportive sole and grip on the floor.
  • Multidirectional traction.
  • Zoom air cushioning of the shoes.


  • Expensive retail price.

2. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 4 Basketball Shoes

The next pick for the best basketball guard shoes for this listing is the inventory of Adidas, which is called Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 4. The shoes are lightweight specially built for James Harden’s game. The upper fabric with the mid-foot band of the shoes helps in stability and lockdown as well. The generative traction of the rubber outsole helps in great movement and a grip on the floor. The cushioning of the shoes is considered the most responsive cushioning system so far. So if the size matches your requirement, definitely go for short-listing these shoes into your cart.


  • Ultra-light-weight and supportive.
  • Outstanding traction and grip on the floor.
  • Great all around performance


  • Lack of boost cushioning
  • Lack of support from low tops.

3. Puma Men’s Clyde Hardwood Basketball Sneakers Shoes Casual

The perfect blend of new school performance synthetics and old school leather, the shoes can be one of the best picks if you are considering for basketball guard. The responsive cushioning can be great for traction and hold the grip on the floor.


  • Knit materials with good quality leather.
  • Best traction for moving different directions.


  • Average foam cushioning.
  • Little heavy for players.

4. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes

Consider these Nike extra wide basketball shoes if you are looking for something that has a curved outsole with a tread pattern. The shoes maintain supportive traction on your edges as well. The zoom air cushioning of the shoes helps you move constantly and put at ease all the time. Your feet are secured with their hoop and loop strap design.


  • Better stability and grip.
  • Comfortable material for comfortability.


  • Lack of durability of the outsole.
  • Stiff cushioning.

5. PEAK Men’s Basketball Shoes Breathable Sneakers

PEAK Men’s Basketball shoes will immediately impress you due to their sleek and modern look. The shoes are made to offer the right balance of support and flexibility to boost your performance. The flexible material of the shoes is coupled with a breathable sock liner with perfect support and cushioning. The anti-rollover module on the forefront of the shoes helps in reducing the chances of injury of the player as well.


  • Wear resistant and comfortability.
  • Better support and stability.
  • Breathable and Versatile.


  • Lack of good quality sole.
  • Size difference of the shoes.

6. Nike Men’s Shoes Kyrie 6 Shot Clock

Nike Men’s Kyrie 6 is considered for its best basketball shoes 2021 as it is designed with a lightweight foam midsole which is soft and helps in swift transition. The foot remains stable over the footbed due to its adjustable strap that crosses over the laces. The padded collar of the shoes also gives a secured and ankle comforting fit to the basketball guard. Do not hesitate to add this to your cart if you are looking for Zoom Turbo bouncy cushioned shoes at a reasonable price!


  • Lightweight foam of midsole which is supportive and soft.
  • Adjustable strap over laces.
  • Grippy material extended up sidewall.


  • Runs smaller in comparison to other Kyries.

7. Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

The style of the shoes puts a demand on traction and stability for the basketball guard. If you are looking for basketball shoes for wide feet, then the range from Under Armour is designed for the same. The full length cushioning of the shoes also strikes a balance between being bouncy and soft. The molded heel of the shoes is considered best for support and comfortable fit of the player. Do not judge the shoes by their look! Behind all the aesthetics is the best feature in the shoes that goes perfectly well for maximum performance.


  • Flexibility and moderate ankle support.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Herringbone multidirectional traction.


  • Uncomfortable ankle support.
  • Not best for players who have wide foot.

8. Nike Men’s Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoes

These shoes make a stylish statement and grab the attention of people with their unique and cool design. The Double Zoom Air units of the shoes under the heel are best, as it provides extra cushioning. You get a stable fit of the internal forefoot band lock. Considered as one of the best basketball shoes for guards, the shoes have a traction pattern on the outside sole, which is best for on-court action as well. The bounces provided by the shoes help to improve the security after landing while jumping.


  • Great support and lockdown for players.
  • Comfortable material used.


  • Minimal cushioning and lack of impact protection.
  • Inconsistent traction.

9. Adidas Dame 5

Also considered as the latest signature shoes of Damian Lillard, the shoes work amazingly on the clean court. The full-length bouncy cushion provided in the shoes focuses on providing balance with impact protection for the player. The comforting material used in designing the shoes is supportive and performs its best at an affordable price. The pair of shoes are made of a soft suede upper body with internal pods. The banking barrier for the mid-foot also provides stability while changing direction.


  • Work of traction amazing on clean court.
  • Responsive bounce cushioning.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Not good for dusty courts.
  • Dead space in the toe box.

10. Adidas Men’s Crazy BYW 2-0

Don’t say NO to the flashy design of the shoes! The unique and artistic design of the shoes is super supportive and cushioned well. The pair is built into the design, which gives distribution across the length of your foot. You will for sure love these pair as the comfort of the shoes from its inner sleeve helps to create a perfect fit for the foot. The yellow tint, chalk coral, and trance purple shades mixed in the shoes make it perfect for you to flaunt your style as well.


  • Tight performance fit.
  • Stabilizing torsion system
  • EVA midsole with rubber outsole.


  • Basic foam cushioning.
  • Slightly heavy for moving in different directions.


We guess now you are up for getting the next basketball shoes for guards, as we have listed some of the best basketball shoes for guards. Keeping both beginner and professional basketball players in consideration, we have tried our best to give you details on entry-level to premium level shoes. With the mentioned technical details and models of the shoes listed above, we bet you will make your best decision to fill up your cart. Set your priority and find the perfect match of best basketball shoes for guards soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best and quickest type of lacing in basketball shoe for guards?

Ans – Shoes that come with one strap lacing are considered best if you are looking for quickest lacing in basketball shoe for guards.

Q. What kind of material is considered best for midsole and sole?

Ans – Rubber is considered best material for the sole. Consider the top sole and midsole while looking for traction.

Q. Which type of cushioning is best for basketball shoes for guards?

Ans – Go for more breathable multi-later cushioning if your toes remain sweaty. Or else single layer is fine.

Q. How to assess outdoor playability of shoes?

Ans – Consider checking synthetic material and full-length cushioning of the shoes if you want it for outdoor.

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