Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

According to a report, ankle injuries account for 45% of injuries that are faced by basketball players. The nature of the sport can lead to twisting of an ankle falling hard on the surface. Rolling or twisting of your ankle while playing basketball can happen numerous times due to improper landing, or wearing in fitted basketball shoes. Lack of ankle support from your basketball shoes can be one of the main reasons for you to have an ankle injury and pain. It is essential to focus on your ankle support while picking any pair of basketball shoes.

Basketball players require the best basketball shoes for ankle support to prevent such ankle sprains or injuries. There can be no other way from preventing ankle injuries but pair of basketball shoes with ankle support can minimize your risk of getting injures. Ankles often are under extreme stress the whole time as the game requires a lot of jumping and running. No matter, your ankles are strong, they can be injured when your opponent’s toe lands on the ground and falls holding your ankle. We can not deny the fact that basketball shoes with proper ankle support can increase stability, flexibility and enhance the protection of your ankle from severe injuries.

After consulting several tests and professional athletes, we can conclude that low top best basketball shoes can provide good and comfortable ankle support. We have listed below some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support all time for you.

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support List 

1. Nike Lebron XIV Low Men’s Basketball Shoe

The Nike Lebron model is considered one of the best basketball shoes for ankle and knee support for those who want to avoid severe ankle injuries. The shoes come with the best ankle compression sleeve for running. The traction of the shoes performs pretty well while the cushion setup of the shoes features a comfortable forefront zoom unit. The shoes are breathable as it provides enough space for ventilation. They are extremely supportive and lock your feet quite safely in place.


  • Supportive and breathable.
  • Comfortable and spacious forefront zoom unit.


  • The heel cushion is a little stiff.
  • Traction is not much consistent.

2. Nike Air Jordan XXXIV Mens Ar3240-016

The eclipse plate of the shoes is made from TPU which not only provides stability but also higher ankle support while side-to-side movement. The zoom air cushioning of the shoes reduces the overall weight of the shoes. You get a responsive and comfortable feel from the visible zoom air cushioning under the heel and forefoot. The herringbone outsole of the shoes is rugged which provides you multidirectional traction. The material used to prepare the shoes is highly premium and breathable. It plays as an awesome performer and lives up to the hype in the market.


  • Great cushioning to give support and comfort.
  • High ankle support.


  • Irritation due to rubbing around the arch or heel.

3. Nike Men’s Shoes Zoom Freak 2 Black CK5424-001

These extra wide basketball shoes can be one of the best picks for those basketball players who are looking for some extra ankle support. The design and the style of the shoes pop with a range of colors for selection. The fluid elastic tongue of the shoes is combined with an amazing lacing format so that your ankle gets adequate support. You also get an amazing zoom air cushioning which is highly responsive to your movements.


  • Outrigger sole which gives more surface to land on and embraces lateral movement.
  • Zoom Air cushioning is highly responsive.
  • Great ankle support and lightweight.


  • You might feel pain from the upper ankle support.

4. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2

Looking for the best basketball shoes for foot support? Yes, you got us right! The Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 basketball shoes has amazing cushioning with stunning impact protection and responsiveness. The cushioning of the shoes is not too firm and soft. The premium material used for the shoes comes with a heel counter that provides enough support for the ankle with amazing stability. The under armour shoes for wide feet have been a great performance all-time for basketball players.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Great cushioning which is highly responsive.
  • Provides support and stability.


  • The traction of the shoes is inconsistent.

5. Adidas Unisex-Adult N3XT L3v3l 2020 Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support all time then this model of Nike can be best to be added to your collection. The traction level of the shoes is great in comparison to its first version. The cushioning of the basketball shoes is highly responsive and also provides impact protection. The all knit upper material of the shoes provides comfort to your feet. The heel and the ankle support of the shoes work well for basketball players who tend to play for extended hours.


  • Responsive cushioning with impact protection.
  • The laceless upper body is highly comfortable to wear.


  • Might be hard to put on at first.
  • Traction of the shoes suffers on dust.

6. Nike PG 3 Tb Paul George Basketball Shoes

This is one of the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet as well as for higher ankle support for basketball players. The half bootie construction of the shoes creates a secure fit while it is also padded with durable fabric that hugs the ankle. The pattern of the outsole of the shoes is inspired by a crater on the Moon which provides multidirectional traction. The zoom air cushioning of the shoes in the forefront is bouncy and highly responsive. You will also feel that the foam of the heel of the shoes provides impact protection while wearing.


  • Supports your ankle highly.
  • Zoom air unit of the shoes under the forefoot which is responsive in returning energy to the court.
  • Great traction and stability.


  • Needs a long break-in period.
  • Material seems cheap in hand.

7. Nike Air Jordan XXXIV Men’s Basketball Shoes

One of the best addition to best high top sneakers for ankle support, the shoes seems to keep its cultural legacy. The shoes are highly responsive and lightweight. The aerodynamic precision provides extra comfort to the feet along with amazing ankle support. The thick bottom of the shoes makes them lightweight while the top of the shoes is minimal to keep the comfort level high. The stability provided by the shoes is outstanding due to their flat outsole. The premium quality material used for the shoes makes them extremely durable, flexible, and breathable.


  • Eclipse plate which provides support during side-to-side movements.
  • Visible zoom air cushioning under forefoot and heel.
  • Multidirectional traction with herringbone outsole.


  • Expensive retail price.

8. Adidas Men’s Streetfire Basketball Shoe

The Streetfire basketball shoes have been one of the best basketball shoes ever from the brand. The stylish and fashionable design of the shoes makes them enough to be worn off the basketball court as well. The versatile shoes can also accommodate several surface areas. The upper breathable mesh of the shoes enhances ventilation while the padding of the shoes also ensures impact protection of your feet. The Ortholite sock liner of the shoes enhances the level of comfort while worn for extended hours. The cloud foam midsole of the shoes tends to prevent injuries.


  • Protection of Achilles area.
  • High collar cushioned for better support of ankle.
  • Cloudfoam midsole to enhance the comfort level.
  • Lightweight and breathable.


  • Shoe size might run big.

9. Jordan Jumpman 2020

The Jordan Jumpman 2020 is considered one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The traction of the shoes works well on clean courts and also tends to attract dust on dirty courts.  The phylon cushioning of the shoes seems comfortable while the forefront zoom is highly responsive and bouncy. The shoes also have an amazing foam midsole with a herringbone rubber outsole specially made for courts.


  • Amazing herringbone traction.
  • Super bouncy cushioning with impact protection.


  • Expensive retail price.

10. Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Men’s Basketball Shoes

This pair of shoes is one of the most comfortable basketball sneakers that are worth trying. The ankle support of the shoes is amazing while the front strap of the shoes helps in keeping your foot in one place while playing. The zoom air cushioning of the shoes is paced in front of the shoes which helps in bounce on the court. The support and lockdown of the shoes work amazingly due to its traditional lacing system.


  • Zoom air unit in the forefoot.
  • Not bulky and is lightweight.


  • The material does not seem that premium while on hand.
  • Lateral sliding on dusty courts.


Q. How to find shoes with a lot of ankle support?

Ans – Consider that the lateral outrigger of the shoes increases the width of the shoes to provide stability. Make sure that the shoes have a tight fit and the upper material is stronger enough to hold your feet movement. A high-top shoe also is the solution to get ankle support.

Q. Do high-top basketball shoes prevent ankle injuries?

Ans – You get ankle support from high tops that wraps around your ankle. The additional collar height of the shoes can save you from ankle rolling. According to a study, low top shoes and laced ankle stabilizers worn by players caused the fewest injuries among players.

Q. Do NBA players tape their ankles?

Ans – Most players of the NBA tape their ankle so that they can protect it from getting ankle sprains or injuries as the sport requires quick movement which might cause stress on the ankle.

Q. Do cushion and air ventilation play any role in ankle support?

Ans – Yes, proper cushioning and air ventilation can support your ankle by providing comfort and lightweight while being worn for longer hours.

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