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A basketball lover knows very well the difference between playing basketball indoor and outdoor. A basketball player considering playing outdoor does not have the facility of a hardwood floor and is opened to several elements that are not similar to the indoor court. The basketball court does not have any hardwood kind of material as it might be plain painted concrete. With the consideration of a change in weather, one needs to consider that it might be sunny, gusting, and cloudy. Coming to the climate and the weather temperature, from hot to chilly days, basketball players are supposed to get all these when they consider playing outdoor on the concrete surface. We are very well aware of the fact that the selection of a perfect pair of good outdoor basketball shoes can be one of the daunting tasks. You might get impressed with the design and color however when it comes to the performance, you might be confused.

A basketball player is bound to select such a pair of shoes that are according to their preferences. Consideration of several factors such as comfort, budget, flexibility, the purpose of shoes is some of the essentials to be kept in mind while purchasing one. You might get tired of scrolling down all the reviews of purchasers to pick your best which needs a good amount of your time. Another essential factor needed to be considered is the material used for the shoes which can be best for the comfort of players. We have analyzed all these factors and have listed some of the best outdoor basketball shoes for concrete that you can purchase easily within your budget. Let’s get started!

10 Best Basketball Shoe For Concrete List 

1. Under Armour Curry 2.5

For those who love some high top shoes with a locked-in feeling then Curry 2.5 from Under Armour is your cup of tea! The shoes offer higher flexibility along with a burrito wrap design with asymmetrical lacing. The cushioning of the shoes is far better and has a PU insole. For the concrete surface for basketball players, these pairs are a must-have for the game as the traction on the outsole is less unchanged. The premium quality rubber outsole of the shoes gives the player one of the perfect grips along with multi-directional movement easily. You do not need to dust off the dirt from the shoes as the shoes have a threading pattern.


  • The material of the shoes is sturdier.
  • The wrap construction of the shoes ties your feet at ease.
  • Durable and perfect fit.


  • Can be a little smaller.
  • Need of break-in period.

2. Nike Men’s Air Versatile iii Basketball Shoes

As the name itself suggests, the shoes have great versatility that you need and one of the best affordable basketball shoes. The rubber sole of the shoes for the upper body of the shoes makes your feet feel comfortable while playing on a concrete floor. The unique shape of the shoes is breathable and extremely flexible. You get extra padding around the ankle which keeps your feet safe from any kind of injury. The Achilles protection provided by the shoes helps to prevent your fall off while playing outdoor. The webbing pattern of the shoes with an air sole compartment offers extra support. We bet you would love these pair of buddies for your next purchase!


  • Best support and traction.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Lightweight and stylish look.


  • The midsole seems stiff and hard.
  • The toe box has a snug fit.
  • The eyelet of the shoes is not that strong.

3. Reebok Q96 Basketball Shoes

One of the popular basketball shoes is a stylish and vibrant kind of retro shoes that has synthetic material construction. The shoes are breathable and lightweight designed especially for basketball players who prefer playing on a concrete floor. The 3D FuseFrame of the shoes at the midfoot ensures that your feet remain dry. The long-lasting comfort felt in the midsole of the shoes makes it perfect to use on a rugged surface. We are sure you will be loving the translucent upper featured in the shoes which an amazing gripping capacity!


  • The lace loop helps to be convenient.
  • DMX foam for support and to make you feel comfortable event at the rugged surface.


  • Low quality of upper leather of the shoes.
  • Expensive in comparison to other brands.

4. Adidas Dame 5

For any basketball player considering outdoor basketball, these pair of shoes from the brand are the most. The shoes have been designed in a such way that anyone who wants to purchase can custom-fit to one’s shape and movement! Isn’t that amazing? The bounce cushion in the shoes provides an extra layer of protection to the feet and is also lightweight. The best part of the shoes is the midsole and the outsole which provides torsional support with higher flexibility.


  • Stability received from the wide forefoot is best.
  • Great traction with balanced cushioning.
  • Flexible in the right places.


  • Nothing special about the structure of the lacing system.
  • Wide forefoot which might make your feet look extremely fat.

5. Nike Men’s KD 8 Basketball Shoes

Next, we have these amazing pair of the best outdoor basketball shoes from Nike. The fly weave technology makes the shoes breathable as well as lightweight. The flexibility that the players get while wearing these lovelies is just outstanding. The Zoom Air unit of the shoes gives low profile cushioning with bounce that you would want while playing on a rough surface. The midsole of the shoes keeps your foot anchored and responsive to movements. You would love to try these shoes as they are best for alleviating your stress while you are in the game!


  • Upper breathable body due to Flyweave technology.
  • Superior comfort due to cushioning.
  • You get several color options.


  • Lack of support for your ankle.
  • You will need to have a few break-ins.

6. Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Men’s Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for some outdoor basketball shoes which provide great solid support and also lightweight, make sure to add this to your cart. The model from Jordan has amazing breathability and provides you an excellent comfort while playing on a concrete floor. The bootie design of the shoes is ideal for fitting and the upper stylish body is combined with great traction too. You get great stability on your movement as the cushioned sole reacts responsively.


  • Zoom Air turbo unit of the shoes.
  • An adjustable midfoot strap that fastens in a fluid motion.
  • Split rubber insole that reduces the weight.


  • The material of the shoes does not feel premium.
  • Lateral sliding on dusty courts.

7. Adidas Performance D Rose 6 Boost

If you are looking for the best Adidas pro model, these shoes can be best for you! The boost technology at the high top of the shoes provides excellent impact protection while the midsole cage of the shoes has EVA material so that you can keep your feet locked in. The hard rubber of the outsole of the shoes provides a player with great traction while the Sprint Web technology of the shoes also improves the level of your comfort at a concrete surface. True to size and best flexibility is what you get from this model.


  • Great cushioning for higher support.
  • A higher level of support.
  • Stability with amazing traction.


  • Needs break-in.
  • Strap lacing is not that amazing.
  • Lack of full-length boost.

8. Nike Air Jordan Mars 270 Men’s Basketball Trainers

For those who love playing outdoor and want some amazing pair of basketball shoes then these are a must-have! The upper body of the shoes has amazing comfort due to the use of high-tenacity yarn to support the flexibility of the shoes. The flight speed technology of the shoes gives an agile on the court. The upper mesh of the shoes also provides comfort and breathability. You also get to see durable eyestays which offer a premium look as well as a premium feel.


  • Super comfortable with an amazing fit.
  • Provides good balance and has higher flexibility.


  • Stitching does not look premium.

9. Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015

Do not get fooled with the name “2015” as the shoes are extremely lightweight with amazing outsole traction. The shoes also have an amazing grip which you want in any kind of sports shoes to avoid injuries. The sock-like fit of the shoes makes a perfect fit. The heel unit is similar to the Nike Zoom which prevents slippage as it has very good quality sculpted foam. The mesh material at the upper part seems durable and can be perfect for even rough and tough conditions.


  • The construction of the shoes is durable.
  • You get your feet locked due to its firm laces.
  • Sock-like feel for your comfort.


  • Hard to get on due to the heel-collar construction.
  • The ankle pull tab might irritate.

10. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

You get all that you want: comfort, fashion statement, functionality all in one! The updated version of shoes from the brand does not compromise with the quality as you can enjoy maximum comfort due to its flexibility. The breathability of the shoes keeps you feel and light all the time during the game. The stretching material of the shoes makes room for your feet and ankle for movements. You get excellent support from the lockdown technology of the shoes too!


  • Excellent ankle support with lockdown heel.
  • Fantastic traction for movement.
  • Premium quality material used for the construction of the shoes.


  • Firm cushioning of the shoes.
  • Lack of impact support.


Q. What kind of rubber is considered durable for basketball shoes?

Ans – You can go for regular shoe model which has firm rubber or you can go for such shoes that are specially made for outdoor purpose.

Q. Which traction pattern is considered better?

Ans – If you go for a narrow traction pattern, your shoes will attract a lot of dirt and will lose grip easily. You need to consider a traction pattern that has deep and wide grooves.

Q. Which sole material is good for outdoor basketball?

Ans – Consider such shoes with soles that are made of thick and hard rubber for outdoor basketball. These kinds of soles have the best chance of surviving even on hard surfaces and outdoor environments.

Q. Which shoe cushioning is best for outdoor basketball?

Ans – Outdoor basketball calls for more cushioning in comparison to indoor games. Look for shoes that have thick midsoles and has maximum cushioning.

Q. Is shoe ventilation necessary to play outdoor?

Ans – Yes, good air conditioning and breathability is the MUST factor for anyone who wants to play outdoor on the concrete floor.

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